Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Questions for YOU to answer.

Feeling Normal


lease answer in the comments.

1. Do you or have you ever known anyone with a snake? Me, a guy I was crushing on at one time has 2 pythons. One albino. He left one in his car at all times so no one would steal it, LMAO!

2. Do you think it's possible to be racist against your own race? Me, DUR. I'll tell you a secret which may get my Colored People's Card revoked. A lot of light skinned black people have a prejudice against darker skinned black people. My grandmother actually told Evan never to date a dark skinned black girl because they are more jealous than the lighter ones. On the flip side, a lot of darker skinned blacks think that lighter skinned blacks are 'uppity' and refer to them as "House Niggers" or "Uncle Toms".

3. Star Trek or Star Wars? Me? Star Wars. Never seen a Trek episode in my life (or any of the spin offs) and I don't care to. No movies either.

4. Favorite Comedian. Me? Kevin Hart. Previously Bernie Mac (RIP)

5. Favorite SINGER, not performer (Like Janet Jackson or Britney Spears. They have to be able to sing, I don't care if they can dance.) Me = Lady GaGa, although she can do both, she has an amazing voice.

6. Favorite Scary Movie. Me = I don't get scared by movies, I'm more apt to get scared reading a book. I have to sit in a corner with my back facing any doors with the lights on, LOL. But movie? Any Resident Evil or the first time I saw the first Scream movie. I thought it was funny & I loved how they were making fun of horror movie cliches.

7. Celebrity Crush. Me - (Besides Jensen Ackles from Supernatural - Duh)I went to my mom's the other day & saw an episode of Don't Sleep for the first time. TJ Holmes is FINE!


That is all.

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