Monday, June 21, 2010

My Weekend - 6/21/10

Feeling Irritated


riday, I went to Wal Mart with Mommy Dearest.

In case you didn't know, we're having a HOT FREAKING SUMMER. Right now, at 12:00 it's already 96 degrees.

My ForecastIn June.

So, I had finally talked her into going to Wal-Mart early in the morning (if not the middle of the night like me) and she agreed to go at 7am. It was already 82 degrees at that time!

Luckily, there were only a couple of other shoppers there, so "we" were able to take our time and the lines weren't long when we were done 2 hours later.

Have I mentioned that I don't like to shop?

I hate it.

I do as much as I can online these days because I really loathe shopping.

When I go to Wal-Mart on my own, I'm shocked if I spend more than 30 minutes in there. Half of that time is waiting in line.

MD - You're just like your father. If he wanted a specific thing, he'd go in the store to get that one thing and then leave.
Me - Well why look around the whole freaking store when all I want is a pair of black pants???

She thinks telling me that I'm like my father is supposed to be a bad thing? He had his faults, but wasting time window shopping was not one of them, LOL.

They re-arranged Wal-Mart again. It's been in disarray for 3 months or something. A lot of people started going to the other Wal-Mart 30 minutes away because they hated it so much.

I didn't mind except 1) Things were never in the same place from one day to the next and b) They didn't think about how narrow their aisles were while they were remodeling. Try doing a 3 point turn in an electric cart when the aisle is only one inch wider than the damned cart.

Now the aisles are very wide. But I digress.

Then we went to eat breakfast @ McDonald's. I haven't done that in years. Their pancakes taste good (to me) without any syrup. Why are pancakes at restaurants always so good? I've tried futzing with my recipe (adding vanilla, a little sugar, etc.) to make them taste better, but I never got a satisfactory mix. For a while, a few years ago, Wal-Mart used to sell the best pancake mix. It had malted flower in it.

Of course they stopped selling it. And they don't sell malted flour either.

Blueberry MuffinThis is not unusual. I like the Blueberry Streusel muffins @ Wal-Mart. Sometimes they have Blueberries & Cream & no streusel for weeks. Last week I had to give in and buy Dark Chocolate & Raspberry muffins (disgusting) because I was feening muffins and of course, no streusel. Pisses me off. *sigh*


Then we went to the library. I borrowed "Valkyrie" and she borrowed some other DVD. I don't remember.

I went home.

Wanted to take a shower, because it was HOT out there.

No water.


Dripping FaucetFor the rest of the weekend, water has been going off at odd hours and then coming back on late in the day. ALL OVER TOWN.


It's gross when someone goes #2 & can't flush. We only find out when we try to flush and nothing happens. Then whenever the water does come back on, all this freaking air is running through the pipes and it makes loud sounds until it fills back up with water.

Luckily, I'd been just finishing cooking when they decided to turn off the water. I'd have been pissed (instead of just irritated) if I was making spaghetti and there was no water to boil noodles!


Then last night I started watching "Check it Out". If you've never seen it, it's a show starring John C Reilly as some insane/idiotic "doctor" and it's filmed like a public access tv show. They interrupt the sketches with something wrong, don't realize the camera is on, blah.

I'm in the middle of watching it and I get weird lines all across the screen and loud noises. I thought it was part of the show, but I decided to FFwd through it because it was taking too long. When the picture came back on, it was a different show, on a different network.

The Cable company decided to change the channel lineup again.

And the DVR didn't have the correct channels. So I had to find what channel was the new Cartoon Network (it was the former Food Network) and set the DVR to record the next showing of "Check it out" because they don't replay that show over and over.

I called the cable company. They were doing "maintenance" and expected to have everything finished by 6 am.

So I watched some other crap I had recorded, and some of the channels were correct on the menu when I was done.

I just checked and some of the channels still aren't showing up.

I never know what day something is coming on, because I just rely on the DVR to record it.

DVR Menu But I know that none of my Food Network or Cartoon or Discovery Channel shows are showing up. The series recording shows channel "blank".


So I looked at what is coming on today, and manually set the programs to record & changed the series recording info.

What ticks me off more than the channels being effed up for the THIRD TIME since I got the damned DVR is that half of my series recordings aren't on right now. Like Breaking Bad just ended it's season. So I'll have to wait until next season to set the DVR then.

So, I'll do that for the rest of the week & hopefully I'll get all my freaking shows on the schedule until the next time the fuckers decide to change things.

Why can't they just leave shit alone?!?!!?!?!

Cheyenne CigarsTo top off my wonderful weekend, I've been smoking non-menthol cigars. They taste nasty.


Because the effing whore who owns the smoke shop took a week off and she didn't open until 11 am today, even though she normally opens at 6 am.

I usually buy two cartons at a time, so I don't see her for weeks. Had I known that she was going out of town (or whatever) I would have gotten my cigarettes before she left.

The dude who used to sell them to me tax free (until I realized that even tax free, they were more expensive than the effing whore's prices) doesn't buy menthol anymore because, apparently, I'm the only person who buys them.

On the plus side:

1. I smoked less this weekend because the non menthol cigars are disgusting.
2. We have way more HD channels now.

That is all.

How long is this post anyway?

Check out this clip of "Check it out" so you can see how... interesting (?) it is.

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