Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I forgot to tell y'all the latest!

Feeling Normal


know I've talked about my neighbor Flavor Flav before. He's been kicked out, but his "old lady" is still here. She's the one that is constantly yelling at her kids or her boyfriend of the week.

She gets on my nerves. We have yet another new landlord (it's been a few months now) and although she makes all kinds of rules, I don't see any difference in the complex. Granted, I never go outside, but it's a lot noisier at night here since the stinky dude was fired.


So NDN (Next Door Neighbor) was outside Saturday night, yelling. I didn't think anything about it because 1) she's always yelling and b) it was only 5:30 or something.

Angry Simpsons MobNext thing I know, I hear "Queshia" (not her real name). I know Boomqueshia. I used to smoke weed with her, LOL. Whatever. It was so loud that I couldn't hear my TV without turning it all the way up.

So Evan goes to the kitchen & looks through the window outside. He said "You've gotta see these people."

Me - Well, I've got to go to the bathroom, so I'll look at them from there.
He - Don't turn on the light.

Oh shit, something is about to go down.So when I got upstairs and saw all the ppl there, including Queshia & NDN with bats I'm like "Oh shit, something is about to go down. I hope they move away from my car before they start swinging."

For once, I didn't call the police. Technically, no one is breaking any rules if they are not loud after 10 pm. I usually only call the police if someone is keeping me awake or I hear what sounds like someone getting their ass kicked.

Someone else did call the police.

I heard sirens. By that time I think I was watching "The Game Plan" with Dwayne Johnson. Pretty good for a "family" movie. (Does anyone here remember when I was all about 'THE ROCK' and bought his movies on DVD sight unseen until I saw that stupid ass "Be Cool" and that's when my love affair with Dwayne started ending?)


Of course Evan went to look.

There were cop cars in front AND back and an ambulance.

All I have to say that the person getting hurt was not as loud as NDN, LOL. I didn't hear any screaming other than "Bitch!" and stuff like that.

You'd think I live in the damned hood.

I wish this woman would get evicted already.

Except next time I need a jump on my car. She's good for that. :-)

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