Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My day today...

Feeling Irritated


am actually in pain, but I didn't make a mood icon for that so whatever.

My back is aching. Bad.

So around 11 am I took a xanax because I planned to sleep on the heating pad until it was time to pick up The Boy from football practice.

Evan's Football JerseyHave you seen his new Jersey?

They played their first game last night. Guess what the score was. Well, let me tell you that they have 11 ppl on the team. And some of the players from the other team were in HS and NOT middle school, which means they should have forfeited, but they didn't.

Now guess what the score was.

No, I won't tell you.


My mother called me @ 11:30 and asked if I wanted to go for Chinese food. I said sure.

Spent the whole time (practically) with my eyes closed.

She - You seem droopy today.
Me - I took a xanax. I was planning on napping.
She - Well you didn't have to come.
Me - I have to go to Wal-Mart anyway to get some food for your grandson. Then I have to wash his freaking football uniform because he needs it tomorrow.


So after having lunch, I did the food shopping. Took a nap that was way too short. Went to get Evan & had to wait 30 minutes because the coach was putting them through their damned paces for the loss last night.

Then we went & did the laundry.

I'm tarred. (Tired).


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