Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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o, I don't have much to say.

Monday, MD called me. Rather than use my minutes listening to her say "I had something to tell you, but I can't remember. I know I keep saying I'm going to start a list and put it beside the phone for when you call, but I keep forgetting." or "Did you see --INSERT NAME OF SHOW I DON'T WATCH HERE--? What did you think of --INSERT SOMETHING I DON'T ARE ABOUT HERE--?" I just went over there.

One of her smoke detectors was beeping. She can't reach them. I got one down, but that wasn't the one that was beeping so we needed Evan to change her batteries. (No, he's still not taller than us, but he's the only one who will climb up, LOL.)

"Join my mobs on 140 Mafia."Yesterday I went out to get some more cigars & Evan refused to come with me. He claims it was too hot. Speaking of which, my landlord predicts that we will soon have rolling blackouts because it's so effing hot here...

Anyway, MD called me again to complain that she hadn't gotten any sleep because the smoke detector kept beeping all night.

Evan said he wanted Subway for dinner.

Me - Maybe if you go to her house and change the batteries in the smoke detector, she will take you to Subway.


So I drove him back down there, he changed the batteries, and then we went by Subway for him and she and I had Kentucky Grilled Chicken.


Join my mobs on 140 Mafia.




  1. A gang attacked me on Spymaster last night ..... with little success - I woke up rich - tee hee

  2. hi ANGELIKA.. since your blog is one of my favorites, i have something for you at my Sheepish Thoughts site:

    i hope you will find the time to claim it soon. =)


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