Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

Feeling Normal


arlier this week, Mommy Dearest took us out for dinner and offered to pay for Evan to go to the movies so that he will have done something this summer besides sleep. :-)

I stopped taking him to the theater because he would talk constantly and I can't pause like at home. It's too expensive for me to spend money on a movie that 1) I'll miss part of and B) I'll probably buy on DVD anyway.

But we went to the NEW 10 screen theater yesterday and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

When I read the book, I was very irritated that Dumbledore had died, but since it's been years and I was prepared for it (and I never really got attached to this Dumbledore like I had with Richard Harris) I was okay with it.

It was nice to go into a theater that wasn't sticky on the floor and didn't smell like feet.The movie was LOUD. I knew I should have brought my ear plugs, but of course I forgot. I ended up stuffing napkins in my ears.


We were the only people in the theater.

I swear, Evan changed seats 327 times. After the movie was over, he said "Well, we were the only ones in there."


It's like he thought each seat would be different or something (they were rocking seats, just like the old theater).

It was nice to go into a theater that wasn't sticky on the floor and didn't smell like feet, LOL.

I did NOT like the fact that they have stairs in there instead of a ramp. Very handicapped unfriendly, IMO.

I moved back as far as I could so that it wouldn't be so effing loud. I'm surprised I'm not deaf.

As far as the movie goes, if you liked the other Harry Potters, you'll love this one too. There were lots of funny bits, like when Ron eats chocolates that have been dosed with love potion.

Ginny (The girl Harry eventually ends up with) was as tall or taller than Harry. LOL! They didn't know he'd be short when they cast him 9 years ago, LOL. Whatever. Short men need love too, I guess. ;-)

That is all for now.


  1. It's fun to get out to the theater once in a while, but I normally purchase movies on demand or rent them. I just can't deal with the inflated snack prices and of course they don't want you to smuggle items into the theater. That's no fun. ;-)

  2. I saw Harry Potter last Saturday - it was good! My Mum was sat next to me and she jumped a mile (both her and my brother's best friend Vicky held my hands at one point because they both jumped!)

  3. Shae - I think the last movie we went to see in the theaters was Star Wars's been a minute, LOL. It will probably be another minute before we go again. $30 for drinks, popcorn & a MATINEE movie???

    Angel - I don't remember anything that startled me, but it's funny that they jumped, LOL.

  4. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am hoping to maybe next week.

    We'll see, but I was anxious to see it when it came out, but then work got in the way.

    Imo, there are some movies you just "have" to see in theatre. Harry Potter qualifies. =P

  5. Dumbledore died?

    Harry ends up with Ginny??????

    Or did you say ON Ginny?

    Well, I don't have to go now.

  6. Kevin - Since I see 99.999% of movies on my TV, I don't know that I "need" to see anything in the theaters. I like pausing. I like food that I've already paid for, LOL. I don't need the loud theater experience anymore.

    Max - Harry ends up ON Ginny in the parts that aren't in the movie. They have 2 or 3 kids...

  7. i haven't made up my mind yet if i'll go to the movies to watch this or just buy the dvd. =)

  8. Miss you. What the hell are you doing?

  9. I'm going to wait until the DVD comes out ..... because I'm MEAN!!!!!! - tee hee

  10. I thought that Ron and Hermoine's relationship was portrayed well while Harry and Ginny's relationship was really poorly either acted or scripted.


  11. Well, since they don't really get together in that book, I think it was fine.

    They probably didn't consider it very important. The screenwriter/director. There might be more on the DVD. Deleted scenes and whatnot.


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