Monday, June 22, 2009

What!? Well that was a waste of 90 minutes!

Feeling Sad


fter a year long wait (or so it seemed), the new "season" of Ninja Warrior premiered last night.

I watched all the usual idiots, including G4's Olivia Munn (WTF was that?!?) knowing that eventually, my persistence and loyalty would pay off and I would get to see "my man", Makoto Nagano.

So finally, in the 4th episode, Nagano comes on.

"It's ok Makoto, you're still my Japanese boyfriend."And falls.


I was waiting to see him get to the 4th stage. Seriously. I mean, I knew deep down inside that by the 4th episode with only 3 or 4 people making it to the 2nd stage, that it probably wouldn't get that far, but I never expected Nagano to go down in the first stage.


I was so disgusted, I didn't even watch the rest of that episode or the next to see who won.

Evan had immense fun teasing me about Nagano's failure.

I'm so disappointed.

And now I have to wait another eternity to see a new episode again.

Makoto Nagano

It's ok Makoto, you're still my Japanese boyfriend. You'll do better next time...

I hope.



  1. I'm trying to work out exactly how many boyfriends you've got ...... tee hee

  2. I try to have one from each continent...

  3. LOL I feel so lame I don't know that show or the man.

  4. Brittany - You have to be a semi-geek like me to know who he is. Don't feel bad.

    Max - Am NOT. Just because I switch from Nagano to Ken Watanabe as my Japanese BF does not mean I'm fickle! Sometimes I just want a man taller than me, LOL.

  5. You're 5-6 so that shouldn't be a tall order. Har!

    Ummmm... this post is going on 3 days old now. How about something fresh, if it isn't too much trouble? I, for one, would welcome more info about scars.

    Or even radiators.

    Or more Ninja stuff. That's cool. Whatever.

  6. I'm too busy killing people on 140Mafia to blog. Sorry.


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