Monday, May 04, 2009

I don't get it

Angelika's Irritated Face


can't tell you the # of bloggers who drop on me every day (or so it seems), but they don't update their own blogs.

If you have the time to drop 300 cards (which is what I'm assuming they are doing), then you have the time to blog.

It is sooooooo irritating seeing the same post dated April 7th when I'm reciprocating drops on me.

Just stop already. Cash out and leave the blogging to people who actually do it on a regular basis.

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  1. People don't think about priorities as much on Entrecard. They'll write a three lined post and drop on 300 sites. I agree this is quite inane.

  2. I feel strangely liberated now that Entrecard is not a part of my life anymore. Both in taking back control of my blog and in not spending time of dropping on people who don't really care.

    It has had a side affect of some of my friends not coming by my blog as regularly as they used to, and probably has made me a little lazy in my visits as well - Entrecard DOES at least get you on people's blogs. :)

    But overall, I am happier now without Entrecard in my blogging life.

    I will try harder to visit my bloglist friends, and you try harder too. Don't just visit your Entrecard guys.

  3. Max - I don't just visit the EC bloggers. I barely drop more than 50 cards these days.

    You don't realize that I stop by your blog almost every day because I don't comment every day. Because you talk about stuff that's over my head. Or history. I've always hated history, LOL.


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