Wednesday, April 15, 2009



ork brains & eggs.

Pork brains and eggs

Don't hate.

You know that looks good.


  1. Angelika, you know that looks like plain out barf; be serious. you are not eating that, please say you are not eating pork brains..

    Lawd Sweet Minty Jesus, this is the end of time;

    I can see it now, we will all be lined up and forced to eat eggs and pork brains; or blow our brains out. I will of course be snatching that sig sauer out of their hands attempting to blow that barf off the face of creation.oh please tell me you are really not eating that? and no I am not kidding.

  2. Ausetkmt - They taste deliciouso!

    I LOVE THEM. They're just so expensive.

  3. I know looks can be deceiving ... but uh that just looks totally disgusting!

  4. Regina - I look at that picture and I want to have it again.

    But it's all in what you grow up with, I suppose.


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