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Whining - 2/20/09


decided that I'd better add a date to the posts labeled "whining" or they would become indistinguishable from one another.

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For reasons unknown to me, I spend all day freezing until I take a nap that can last anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours under ALL available blankets & comforters and then wake up sweating like I'd just done Tae-bo for 30 minutes (AS IF, I bought the tapes a long time ago and after I did the one that just showed the moves, decided it was too much of a workout for me, LOL.)

I don't have a fever. My temperature is always 97.something. So I don't know what it is.


Yesterday was the day that Evan was supposed to go to my brother's house.

I had planned to do the laundry earlier in the day and be home by 3:30 pm anyway, but I had to take a long ass nap and I didn't get out of the house until 3:17.

I had already had Evan load one basket of laundry in the trunk just in case I felt like going (because I had PMS and my back has been killing me...) and I finally felt like going right before the bus came.
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So I get to the laundromat and some bitch is parked in the Handicapped Space. I was not in the mood to go in and tell her to move or I'd call the police (I usually have Evan do that. "My mom is going to call the police on whoever it is that is parked in the handicapped space without a handicapped placard or tag if you don't move.")

So I just backed RIGHT UP TO THE DOOR and went in and got a rolling basket to transfer my laundry to a washer.

Bitch knew she was wrong.

Bitch - Hi, do I know you?
Me - My name is Angelika Lastname
Bitch - Oh, I know some Lastnames! You know Susie? Or Bob?
Me - *loading the washer & adding detergent & crap* No, I haven't always lived here.
Bitch - Yeah, I can tell you weren't raised here because you speak all proper (That's what these Southerners call Correct English spoken in a Northern Accent).
Me - Yep.
Bitch - One of the Lastnames is on a TV Show.
Me - I know. My mother told me. I've never met him.
Bitch - *some other shit I wasn't paying attention to because I was going back to my car to leave after setting my watch alarm for 30 minutes*
Me - Oh.
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So I went to Da Dolla Sto giving Bitch enough time to move her effing car. While I was there, I bought some Pamprin because Evan told me the other day that he could tell I was "on my period" from my attitude. (I don't know what he's talking about.)

I only take the Xanax at night if I'm finding it particularly hard to get to sleep because I really don't want to become addicted. Plus I normally have hours of TV to watch, so I don't get bored.

Anyway, when I got back to the laundromat, Bitch was gone. Duh.
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So I continued reading that Artemis Fowl book of Evan's that he got from MD's other daughter.

Oh! Want to see a picture of my nephews?

They're 20, 13, and 17 from L to R. Doesn't the oldest one look like Obama? The middle one needs to at least shape up his 'fro, furreal.
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Where was I?

Oh, I noticed I had a call from Evan on my cell phone or Mobile if you're British (Handy if you're German).

I tried to call him back, but of course he didn't have his ringer on. I keep it off all the time unless we go to Wal-mart so it won't wake me up in the middle of one of my sexy dreams about Hugh.

I knew then that he hadn't gone to my bro's house, so I called MD and told her that I was doing the laundry and that Evan was probably at home by himself. Which wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't on punishment for his report card and I trusted him not to 1) Go outside and try to run away to get away from the Evil Bitch from Hell or 2) Look for porn on the internet. Actually, I left a message. She didn't answer the phone. I figured she was asleep or on the terlet.
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So I was able to finish the laundry QUICKLY (amazing how little time it takes when The Boy isn't there dragging his feet and making it take HOURS).

When I got home, the wrong chair was sitting in front of the computer, so I knew MD had been here. She doesn't feel secure on the computer chair, so she always gets one of the folding chairs to sit in front of the PC.
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OMG. Why is it taking me so long to type? The song changes before I have typed anything. Maybe I'm blacking out...
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The Kitchen Stool was in the living room with the remote on it holding down a note that said "I'm with Nana".

So I called MD and she said she had just left my house but that she'd bring Evan back.

I made her watch one of the youtube videos with Danny Gokey because when I played "Kiss from a Rose" for her from the DVR over the phone, her exact words were "You like that? With all the pitch changes and everything?"
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Me - That's how the song goes!
MD - I like Seal's version better.



She does not recognize how good My American Idol is. I hope he goes farther than Elliot Yamin. He should, because he doesn't have those teeth to deal with, LOL.

I'm not insulting Elliot. I love Elliot even though his new teeth scare me. It's just that AI voters seem to go for "cute" instead of talented (How else would you explain Sangina?)

What AM I talking about?

I have no idea...

That's all, I reckon.
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Oh, I remember.

When I was on JJHF talking to one of my peeps she asked if I'd seen "For the love of Ray J" the pee-er.

Me - Are you sure you aren't confusing him with R Kelly?
She - No. Google Ray J and pee.

So I did.


I don't get it.

First of all, if you really love a woman, why the urge to piss on her? Second, if you have any respect for yourself at all, why let some man piss on you?
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So Kim Kardashian will forever be Pee Girl to me.

No wonder she was so embarrassed when the sex tape came out.

When will pseudo-celebs learn that sex tapes ALWAYS END UP ON THE INTERNET?!?!?

Remember when that couple was divorcing and the man got mad enough to post videos of his wife giving him oral sex (among other things) on the internet?

Never videotape anything that you don't want your grandmother to see, people.

Never videotape labor either. Especially if you think it's appropriate to show your friends???

That is all because I'm pretty sure this post is 100,000 words or something...
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