Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks, CardioGirl!


ecause I was debating whether to do a Thursday 13 about "Why I love my period" (I couldn't think of any reasons) or "New shows I'm watching" when I visited her blog.

She thought she had a big head @ 23½ inches.


Mine's 24 inches.

First, I had to grab my fro (I recently took my braids out)

Then I pulled my hair as tight as I could & put a rubber band around it. Then I added a headband to make sure that the rubber band didn't explode (my hair is thick, y'all). Then I measured my head.

I measured it above the ponytail (24 inches) and below the ponytail (24½ inches) and because I refuse to believe that my head is that big, I decided to stick with the 24 inches. I pulled it as tight as I could.

Which is why I thanked my Secret Santa for the Chapeau this Christmas, but gave it to Evan.

Because my head is too big to comfortably wear hats.

It's cool when I have a headache, because cutting off the blood circulation to my head often makes my headache lessen. But not cool if I don't want a muffin top around my head...

I remeasured without the headband & realized that I was sticking my thumb under the tape measure. So my head is actually 23½ inches.


So my head isn't as big as I thought.

But it's still ginormous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Big head, big brain." That's what I always tell baby headed Evan & MD whenever they make fun of me for leaving the headphones extended all the way out.

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