Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Calms Forté


ecently, I ordered a free sample of Calms Forté.

It's advertised as a sleep aid/stress reducer.

There were 4 pills in the sample pack. They are as good a xanax IMO, but they're all natural and non habit-forming.


So after I finished the 4 sample tablets, I went to Wal-mart and bought a pack.

It's less than $4 for 32 pills.

Some days I take them because I'm stressed out, some days I only take them to get to sleep. I LOVE IT and it's cheaper than xanax, LOL.

When I take them for sleep, I fall asleep within 30 minutes. I sleep all night. I don't feel "hung over" the next day.

When I take them because The Boy is ticking me off I feel stressed, I feel calm within 30 minutes. I think it says to take them 3x/day for stress, but I've found that only one does the job.

If you're stressed out or an insomniac, definitely give these pills a try! :-)

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