Monday, November 03, 2008

Another reason why I love Wal-Mart


think I've mentioned several times that there are a few greeters at my local Wal-Mart that are awesome. If they see me coming, they have the electric cart there ready for me. They always ask about Evan. If they haven't seen me in a while, they say "I was worried about you."

Saturday we went to Wal-mart and one of "my" greeters said that they didn't have any electric carts anywhere, but she'd get me one as soon as someone returned it. Then she told Evan that he could have any of the candy that he wanted by the door, but that the good candy (Snickers, Butterfingers, etc) were at Customer Service.

So I sat on a bench while she told me that milk was cheaper at Kroger and hamburger was cheaper at Shop Rite (or whatever) and that if I was getting any of that, they would match the price at the register (I knew that, but it's nice that she tells me) & waited until someone brought the cart to me (yay!) and then did my shopping.

When we got home, I did not have my allergy pills, foil, toothpaste and something else that was not food. I don't remember what. EVAN had left a bag at the register.

So I called them and asked if anyone had turned in the bag or if it was still at the register. The person who answered said "No, but next time you come, just bring your receipt and you can get those items."

We went back today and I was able to get those items. It was about $20 worth of crap. I'm glad I didn't have to buy it again.

That's why I love Wal-mart.

I've never had a problem returning anything, with or without a receipt. The greeters and cashiers are all nice with the exception of the hateful deaf bitch who dyes her hair jet black - OH! On Saturday when Evan went to the other entrance to see if there was an electric cart, he didn't want to talk to Hateful Bitch. So he just went up to the woman working at the self check out desk and asked her.

She - Did you ask the greeter at the door?
Evan - No
She - Was she rude to you?
Evan - She's never nice.
She - I understand, I'll ask for you.


That woman needs to be working in the back. I don't talk to her either, if I can help it. She can't hear. So I end up yelling at her just to ask her "IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS CART?". She needs to retire already.


After we did the laundry on Sunday, we went to MD's house. She was complaining about her freaking TV (She's finally given in and ordered a new one). I noticed that the captions on her TV were not captions, just numbers. I was trying to tell her how to rectify the situation.

First, let me give you an example of how she is.

She has the same exact cell phone that I have. She called me once and said that the time doesn't show on her phone the way it shows on mine. So I called her and went step by step with her on what buttons to push to get the time to show up.

Like this: Open the phone. Push OK. Push 3. Push 2
MD - Wait, now it says "Blah blah"
Me - *sigh* Then you pushed the wrong button. Close the phone.
MD - Turn it off?
Me - No, CLOSE THE PHONE. Is it closed?
MD - Yes
Me - Open the phone. Is it open?
MD - Yes
Me - Push the number 3.

And on and on.

So she's complaining about one of the programs on her DVR that wasn't recording.

HOW IS IT THAT I KNOW MORE ABOUT HER GEEDEE DVR THAN SHE DOES WHEN I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE SAME MODEL THAT SHE DOES? (Every time I go to her house I tell her that she has messages on her DVR. How can she not see that envelope on the screen!?!?)

So I'm trying to tell her how to fix it. Finally:

Me - Just give me the remote. I'll do it.


So we were like that the entire time I was over there.

Evan kept telling me to just go get some cigarettes and I'm all "Just go get my xanax out of the car!"

Evan - I don't trust you to drive when you're high.

Anyway, we were all veddy frustrated with each other. Like we all had PMS. But it was all very funny. :-)

That is all.

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