Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Name Game

Stolen from Hannah @ Journal of a Rock Angel

1. Rock Star Name
(first pet; current car)

2. Gangster Name
(favorite ice cream flavor; favorite style of shoe)
Chocolate Croc

3. Native American Name
(favorite color; favorite animal)
Black Jaguar

4. Soap Opera Name
(middle name; place of birth)
NOYB Berlin

5. Star Wars Name
(first 3 letters of second name; first two of first name)

6. Superhero Name
(2nd favorite color; favorite drink)
Orange Sprite

7. NASCAR Name
(first names of grandfathers)
JC Clyde

8. Exotic Dancer Name
(favorite perfume/scent; favorite “candy”)
Beautiful Chocolate

9. Newscaster name
(Fifth grade teacher’s last name; major city beginning with same letter)
Folske France (I don't remember my 5th grade teacher, I used 4th grade.)

10. Spy name
(favorite flower; favorite season/holiday)
Dianthus Winter

11. Cartoon name
(favorite fruit; article of clothing you are wearing now)
Mango Shorts

12. Hippie Name
(what you ate for breakfast; favorite tree)
Oatmeal Fir (I don't have a favorite tree...)

13. Movie Star Name
(first pet’s name; first street where you lived)
Starr Christmas (I don't remember any streets before Christmas Lane in 4th Grade, LOL.)

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