Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Knee


o, Monday night my right (non-'special') knee was hurting so bad I couldn't even go to sleep.

In spite of the PM pain pills. In spite of the Icy Hot gel. In spite of the heating pad. In spite of the Ben Gay. In spite of the aspirin. In spite of the Naproxen Sodium.

Do you get the picture?

It hurt so bad that I wanted to cry but I didn't because I knew all I'd get was a stuffy nose and a headache.

So yesterday, I called MD at 3:30 and asked her if she had any Hydrocodone left (Even though I am allergic) from when she had her last gout flare up. All she had was a Darvocet from 2004. I didn't care.

So she brought it to me & I took it & put an ice pack on my knee. (Finally remembered I had them, LOL.)

She ordered a pizza for us Evan. Then she watched Al Green on youtube.


Today my knee still hurts, but not so bad that I want to cry. Thank you, Baby Jesus!

Did anyone else see Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood? Last night was a clip show with their favorite moments from the season.

They had a memorial service for Tori's dog, Mimi La Rue.


People were crying and shit.


Dean could barely keep it together while he read his eulogy.

Famous people are insane.

Anyway, I finally finished watching Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte with Bette Davis.

It took me about 5 days to finish it.

I may or may not review it.

But right now I'm going to get back in bed with the ice pack for my knee. I just wanted to say "Hi" and leave you with this picture of Capt. Jack Sparrow Jr.

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