Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HA HA HA! That's so funny...NOT!


he other day MD asked me if I could take her to her dr appointment. She told me that it was today at 9 am.

She even came over yesterday to make sure that I remembered.

Today Evan & I pull up in her driveway at 8:25 because I said I'd be there at 8:30 and I knew she'd be calling at 8:30:01 if I wasn't there.

I had to wake Evan up.

He's evil when he has to get up. Especially in the summer.

Anyway, she walks out with this happy smirk on her face.

Me - What?! I don't like that smile on your face.
MD - You know, when I went to bed last night, something told me to look at my calendar. I had written down that my appt was today, July 22 at 9 am. But when I looked at the appointment card, it was yesterday! So I missed my appt. Ha Ha Ha.
Me - *frowning* Oh, that's hilarious.
MD - Did you have to wake Evan up?
MD - Oh, well I was wondering why he was looking so upset. Anyway, I'll take y'all out to breakfast at Shoney's to make up for it if you want to go.
Me - I'm sitting here already feeling like I have to shit for the second time today, so NO, I don't want to go, but Evan might want to. (Shoney's always gives me the trots.)

So she took Evan out for breakfast.

Because he was home.

Because he quit the band.


Yesterday when I took him he came back out and had an expression on his face like someone had died.

Apparently, none of his friends from last year are still in band.

But maybe they didn't know about it. Just like I didn't know about it and wouldn't have if we hadn't run into the band teacher at Wal-mart.

Anyway, he said that she said that if he didn't come to Band Camp, that he was out of the band.

We will see about that.

When I went to school, we had a Jazz Band. This was up North, of course, where no one gives a shit about football.

When I moved here, I quit the band because I was not going to be required to be at effing Football games in a hot ass uniform.

I will sue, I swear to God. They need to realize that not everyone wants to be in the fucking Marching Band. Not everyone in this fucking town cares about Football more than they care about God & Country.

It's discriminatory.

Why shouldn't he be able to be in BAND because HE LIKES PLAYING THE SAXOPHONE and not because he loves football but doesn't want to play the stupid sport? It's an extra-curricular activity that will look good on his transcripts when he applies for college!

This seriously makes my blood boil.

School starts 8/6. You'd better believe that I will be down at that band building talking to this bitch if she tries to say that Evan can't be in band unless he's in the Marching Band.

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