Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July Part 1


his year we went to MD's house to grill for the 4th.

Thursday, MD told me that she was going to grill today @ about 11:30 am. I went to the store & got some hamburger meat & some boneless short ribs to marinate (green onions, soy sauce, sesame oil, and garlic. I don't measure, I just add the stuff until all the meat is well covered after I suck all of the air out of a Ziploc bag) for the grill.

Earlier that day, we had gone to a local restaurant (where my niece works) for dinner. She was working, but she didn't see us. In Wal-mart, we (Evan & I - people, that's the only "we" in my life right now. I get tired of saying it, LOL.) happened to she her, her BF and his daughter. It was 10 PM.

I had thought that everyone would have gone to get all their 4th of July BBQ crap earlier in the day, so I waited until 10 to go ON PURPOSE so I wouldn't have to deal with the crowd.


Everyone and their mother was there.

Anyway, back to my niece:

ME - I came to your place of work today and you didn't even come speak to me.
Niece - I didn't see you!
Me - No. You ignored me. That's fine. Even though it hurt your Nana's feelings.
Niece - Seriously. I had no idea you were there.
Me - Whatever.
Niece - Next time you come, ask them to be seated in my section.
Me - She's not going back there! Her scrambled eggs had white in them. The grits were gross. The pork chop had freezer burn. She had nothing but complaints & said she won't go back this year.
Niece - If you had told me you were there, I would have made sure that your order was right.
Me - Maybe next year. BYE!

In reality, I know she didn't see us. Everyone was there. I hate holiday weekends. But I cannot see her without giving her a hard time.

We continued to run into her & her BF throughout our trip.

Niece - *looking into my cart* What is this!
*pointing to the Pomegranate Smirnoff Ice* (They suck, BTW. I knew I should have gotten green apple!)
Me - I am an ADULT! I can drink if I want to.
Evan - She's an alcoholic.
Me - Yes. I'm going to go home and drink them all tonight.
Niece - Really!?!?
Me - *Evil 'Are you retarded??' look*
Niece - Well, I don't know. Maybe you really are an alcoholic.
Me - First she ignores me, now she accuses me of being an alcoholic. I'm leaving! *zooming away in my electric cart*


Niece - *whispering to Evan* You should run her over with your basket.
Me - I heard that.
Niece - What? I didn't say anything.
Me - You whisper like Omah (who is 75% deaf so whispers louder than she thinks. Very funny in church. Especially when she cusses.) Don't ever try to be a spy!

Sometimes when my back hurts, it feels good if Evan sits on me, but he's getting so big that it hurts more than it helps. So I tell him to punch me in the back. Exactly where it hurts.

Me - *post punch that was off target* OH! There's a pain in my back *gasp* and I can't brief. (Homage to George Lopez's "Why you crying".)
Evan - *cracking up* Sorry, do you want me to do it again?
Me - Not now. Wait 'til I can brief again.

Anyway, we got out of there after MIDNIGHT because even with 3 lines open, it took 20 minutes to check out. I had enough time to go back to the grocery section and get buns, then all the way to the pharmacy to get a massaging pillow for my back (Evan's suggestion.) I wanted to get to sleep to be on time for the BBQ.

Of course, I didn't get to sleep until way after the sun rose (about 6 am). This is in spite of the sleeping pill, the Xanax & the Smirnoff Ice that I drank.

Do NOT comment how I shouldn't mix alcohol and drugs. I know what can happen! I too heard about Heath Ledger. Bite me. Get insomnia for a couple of years and see if you don't do stupid shit just to get some effing sleep!

I'll tell the rest of this some other time. I want to lay down on my massaging pillow.

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