Sunday, June 29, 2008

:-( - 6/29/08


ou have heard me talk about my cousin. The one who has a baby daddy who is an ex con & has abused her in the past, right?

Well...I've always thought that she was too quick to hit her own kids. Instead of talking to them.

Yesterday Evan was playing with his favorite cousin & they got hot so they went to her house. She and Baby Daddy were arguing so she told Evan that she'd let FC (Favorite Cousin) come back later. Which means some other day.

Anyway, he just came over here and asked if Evan could play with him outside.

Evan - Can I play outside with FC?
Me - If I can play with your Gameboy Advance. (I have to say the Whole Name)
Evan - Fine.
Me - FC, you see how I have to ask permission to use Evan's Gameboy? He's so mean.
Evan - That's because I bought it with my own money.
FC - Well when my mama gets my Gameboy and I try to get it back, she just backhands me across the face.
Me - Thanks for the tip. If it starts raining, y'all come back over HERE. You hear me, FC?
FC - OK!

She has already been reported for child abuse. She can't figure out which family member did it...

WHY is it that the people who can't even take care of their damned selves have kids to abuse and neglect while people who really WANT children & would treat them like the precious Gifts from God that they are can't get pregnant?

This is the thing that pisses me off about God.

Did you see last night's SNL? George Carlin was on. He said "Maybe God isn't perfect. The mountains are all uneven. Every living thing he's ever created dies. He can't even give us messages himself. He has to send a Winged Angel. He's clearly subject to the same laws of physics that we are."

I'm paraphrasing.

But at least it brings a smile to my face when I really want to smack the shit out of my stupid ass cousin.

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