Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick Updates


ecause my back is killing me. Possibly, I took walking without the walker a little too far. I don't know.

Evan is back in school as of today. I think we're both happy about that.
My landlord came over to apologize about not giving me the kitchen makeover that he promised. But that's be cause the boy (He's 20 or something) just "up and moved" to live with his mother in the northern US. So he has to find a new maintenance man.

I don't even remember what else has happened the past few days.

But if you haven't gotten drops from me, that is why.

I dropped on my Favorite Entrecard Blogs today. I also tried to update the list with people who have at least posted THIS MONTH, but I left a couple up there that haven't updated in a while. You never know what keeps people from blogging...

Now I'm going to lay on the heating pad.

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