Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dos el Sábado

I explained why I didn't do the high 5 on Friday thing.

And I've just gotten on the computer today. (I'm almost finished with Duma Key. I can't wait to see how it ends!)

So here's my sad attempt. For some reason, I thought the Spanish word for Saturday was Domingo. So the title of this post would have been Dos el Domingo. But I guess Domingo is Sunday? Whatever.

And I think I'll do 3 anyway, LOL.

I have to give it up to Grace be cause she pointed me to Naturally 7. A great A capella group. Kind of like Boys II Men or some other group that I can't remember right now.

And I want to say welcome to Freelance Guru because I'm hoping he will fill the void left in the place where my heart is supposed to be that remains after Freelance Cynic's defection from the blogging world... :-)

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Now playing: Prince & The Revolution - Mountains
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