Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Memeage - 1/12/08

Saturday 6

1. How well do you feel that you know your inner self? Very Well

2. Take one more quiz:
How does your intrapersonal intelligence rate?

Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Score: 90%

Your Intrapersonal Intelligence is Very High

You've spent a lot of time introspecting, and it's really paid off.
You are comfortable with who you are, and you have a life philosophy that you are happy to live by.
And you're always re-evaluating what you believe. Because you learn something new about yourself each day!

3. How much do you trust your own instincts?

I'll trust me before I trust anyone else. On a scale of 1-10, about an 8. I do not "read" people very well. Thankfully, I don't deal with a lot of people, LOL.

4. Do you find that you are good or bad at giving people advice?
Awesome. It's always easier to see the situation from outside the situation. My problem is being asked for advice and then the idiots don't follow it. Why ask me in the first place?

5. If you had to go back in time and start over, erasing a certain period of time in favor of a “do-over,” would you want to go back 20 years, 10 years, 5 years or 1 year?
If I had to, 1 year. Because there are a few movies I would not have rented and I would not have gone to Arby's that time.

6. After selecting the answer above, you were suddenly informed that the “do-over” was not mandatory, after all, would you still do it?
Hell no. I've said it before. I have no desire to go back and relive ANY part of my life.

Saturday 8

1. did you go out for new year's this year? No

2. did you do any traveling during the holidays? No

3. what was the best gift you gave this holiday season? Pirates of the Carribean 3. It's a good movie.

4. the best gift you received? $25 dollars. The only thing I got.

5. are you off of work on MLK, Jr. day? if so, any plans for the long weekend? I'm off of work every day.

6. did you make any new year's resolutions this year? if so, what are they? if not, why not? No. Resolutions are BS. If you're going to do it, do it. Why wait for a new year?

7. a look back - what was the best thing about 2007? When it ended.

8. a look back - what was the worst thing about 2007? The weather. I wore short sleeves yesterday. I know it's 2008, but this "winter" has sucked. Snow flurries one day, 75 degrees the next.

Saturday Special
~Media All Time Favorites ~ Name Two~

1. Favorite Reality Shows?: Run's House & Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood

2. Favorite Movies?: I don't remember when they came out... Pirates of the Caribbean 3 & Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

3. Favorite TV Series?: House, MD & Dirty Sexy Money

4. Favorite Songs?: Again, I don't remember when they came out. I'm really not up on "current" music. But the songs I listened to the most were "The Way I Are" by Timbaland & "Umbrella" by Rhianna

Listening to: N Sync - Gone
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