Thursday, January 31, 2008

Maybe I should censor myself around Evan

So, Evan went to my mother's house for dinner.

I kind of freaked out for 5 seconds when he didn't get off of the bus after school, but I had forgotten that he was going over there.

Anyway, when she brought him home, this is the conversation.

Me - Did you do your homework at Nana's House?
E - Yes.
MD - That's the first thing I told him when he got to my house. "Do your homework." You need to take your son to Wal mart.
Me - Why?
E - I need a composition notebook.
Me - How long have you known about this?
MD - *Giggles*
E - I've known about it since Wednesday, but I forgot.
Me - Go look in your room and see if you have any (because I buy a whole lot of shit at the before school sales)
E - I only have spiral. We can't have spiral.
Me - Why?
MD - That's what I asked!
E - I don't know? Because the Science teacher hates us?

So I put on some clothes.

Me - Do you want to watch Al while we're gone?
MD - I guess. Even though I just watched him yesterday.
Me - Evan, get the computer ready so Nana can watch Al.

I'm putting on my shoes

MD - Hurry up and get out!!!
E - You're telling US to get out of OUR house?
Me - She wants to be alone so she can watch Al.
E - *Whispers to me* I hope she doesn't masturbate.
MD - What did he say???
Me - Go get in the car.
MD - I want to know what he said!!!
Me - I'll tell you after he's in the car & safe from you.

So I told her & she laughed.

Then said "Tell him I'm going to beat him."

But I can't believe some of the shit he says. He got it from me, but I just hope he doesn't do it in public, LOL.

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