Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This Christmas

Was better than I thought it would be.

Went to Mommy Dearest's at 11 am.

Evan got Wheelies (the tennis shoes/roller skates), an IQ20, a coat, a t-shirt & a hoodie from the local HS, a shirt & a pair of jeans at her house. The wheelies & the HS shirts were from Nana. All the other stuff was from Santa. I got $25 from Santa. Nothing from my mother, LOL.

She cooked chicken, stuffing, green beans, corn, rolls & she had a coconut cake.

Then at about 2 pm, we went to my grandmother's house. We just came home. For once, she wasn't burning me up by turning her heat up to 90.

It cracked me UP listening to MD & her mother.

My grandmother can't hear very well, (and refuses to get a hearing aid), so we have to speak loud enough for her to hear.

MD gets tired of this and screws up her face.

Omah - Do you have to screw up your face like that every time I ask you a question?
Me - LMAO! She always says that to me! That's where I got that from.

Anyway, Evan kept saying things that Omah couldn't hear. MD would practically scream it at her, and I sat there cracking the fuck up.

No one can hear Evan. He speaks very quietly. Everyone asks him to speak louder. You think he'd learn and just shout all the time, LOL.

Anyway, then my favorite aunt came over with her 2 kids & one of her grandkids (Evan's favorite cousin). They are always fun to be around.

So even after MD left I stayed long enough for one of my uncles to show up. Listened to them tell stories about their bad ass grand child. (They're the ones who call the child bad, not me. I've never met her. But I wouldn't let any child of mine say & do the things they let her get away with... They think it's cute. But they know damned well they wouldn't have let one of their kids get away with that crap.)

Anyway, I brought home some Chicken & Dumplings & Chocolate Cake from my grandmother's house.

She cooks enough to feed an army. We were the first ones to come over to see her today, so we had to take home a plate or she'd have had her feelings hurt. She made the chocolate cake for me, anyway. Everybody else likes caramel. I don't eat that shit, LOL.

My back is killing me.

I'm going to watch one of the 57 movies I've taped over the past few days. :-)

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