Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Memeage - 12/16/07

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week of December 16 2007: Happy Holidays random word association
I say, you think:
1. santa - Claus
2. holiday carols - irritating
3. snow - white
4. mistletoe - plant
5. season - ending
6. candy cane - peppermint
7. eggnog - thick
8. presents - presence

till next time...

Situation Sunday #37

Situation # 1

You are out shopping, you have a small child with you. { Could be yours or a relative, you are watching.} You make it back to the car. Put the child in the back in the car seat. Load all the bags into the trunk. Get in the car and put the keys in the ignition......Suddenly a masked guy jumps into the passengers side,,and says drive lady in a angry voice with a gun pointed at your head.....What do you do?

Keep pressing the gas before I start the car so that it's flooded & won't start and maybe he'll leave. Or start honking the horn. It is said that the criminals in those situations don't want to draw attention to themselves, so I would hope that by making everyone look in my direction it would scare him enough to just leave.

Situation # 2

Time for your family Christmas get together. Everyone is there, from your siblings to their spouses, and children. Every one is told to bring a gift, one that can be given to a male or a female. And everyone is to bring a child's gift, equal to the number of children that will be at the party. The adult gifts are put in a grab bag, where you pull out one, and if it is the one you brought you have the option to keep or pick again. The children's gifts are done the same way. You happen to pick a gift, and it happens to be a "re gift", one that you have bought for your sister a few years ago. What do you do or say as you open the gift?

Nothing. That would never happen because I only buy for Evan. And I would not want to be around my "family", LOL. But if someone gave re-gifted me with something that I'd given them, I wouldn't say anything. Most of the time, I find that people suck at giving gifts to other people because they buy what they want, or what they think I need. Never what I want. I would not be offended to learn that they didn't like my "gift". I would be offended if, at the time the gift was given, they gushed all over it and acted like it was what they had always wanted. You can say "Thank you" without going overboard.

Situation # 3

A big snow storm is brewing out side. Already a foot of snow has fallen and expecting another foot to come. Your house is out in the country with your nearest neighbor being 5 miles away. Your house is on a back road. The last storm brought only 8 inches, and it took the highway department 1 week before they cleared the roads for you to get out. This storm looks like it will be much longer before you are cleared out. The phone service has went out,,,you can see where the line snapped. There is a knock on your door, almost like a bang. You open your door to find Teri Hatcher and Johny Depp at your door. They will be staying with you till the storm ends. They were on their way to shoot a movie, got lost and ended up stuck in the snow. They have walked 2 miles in the blizzard to get to your place......{ Keep in mind...after this it will be on the news, and tons of reporters shall be coming} How will you handle the next 2 weeks?

Trying to keep Evan from asking Johnny Depp to show him sword fighting. And asking the celebs not to tell anyone my name or where I live because I don't want that any kind of publicity. That whole scenario is worse than being stuck in a house with my mother for 2 weeks. Ew.

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