Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mommy Dearest came over today

I was taking a nap. It never fails. She either comes over or calls when I'm taking a geedee nap. I should call her up at 3 am just to talk so she'll know how it feels.

She took Evan to her house to help her take down the Halloween decorations and some other crap she doesn't feel safe doing when she's alone. She needs to get one of those things old people wear around their necks for when they've fallen & can't get up. So do I, come to think of it, LOL.

Of course I couldn't get back to sleep. When they came back, I was playing a game at Neopets.

So when I got up for her to watch her beloved Al Green on youtube, I decided to give Jeeves & Wooster another try.

She - Every time I come over here you're watching some British show. I'm going to send you to England to live.
Me - I wouldn't live there if it was free & I lived in a mansion.
She - Why not?
Me - *Earnestly* Because I love America.

That is all. I'm was just tired of taking those quizzes at blogthings and decided to blog. :-)

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