Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Memes

3x Thursday

1. Do you live near your immediate (like, your mom & dad, siblings, grandparents, etc) family? How close/far away are you?
Yes. 2 minutes by car.

2. If you don't live near your immediate family, how often do you get a chance to see them? If you do live near, how often do you see them? Whenever they come by.

3. Do you like having your family close/far away? Why/why not? Yes. For health reasons.

Thursday Challenge

This week's theme is: Purple

Blueberry Evan, purple flowers & Evan with Starr (RIP) and her purple ball.

Thursday Threesome

Onesome: "Details--are everything!", or so it is said. Are a a details person? ...or a big picture person? Depends on the situation. When I have a goal in mind, I am very detail oriented. If there's no goal, details really don't matter.

Twosome: Details-- (in the military definition) can be a royal pain: what routine detail at your job/school/home would you cheerfully off-load to someone else? Cleaning. Everything, LOL. I need a maid.

Threesome: Details-- and devils: what are you willing to work on nearly endlessly until you "get it right"?
Again, it depends on the situation. I worked nearly endlessly to get this blog header to show up in the right place. I still haven't found a "look" I'd want to keep indefinitely. But I haven't given up either. :-)

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