Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pirate Speak

I really be havin' nothin' t' say, but I be goin' t' try & blog more. This be me Wensdee Mind Hump post.

Mommy Dearest came o'er last high tide'. She claims she hasn`t been here in a moon.

She wasn`t missed.

But I did talk th' lass' into takin' Evan t' Movie Gallery t' be seein' if they had "Superman Doomsday" (they didna) & then takin' th' lad's t' th' grocery store so he could get me some garlic.

Then she had t' watch Al (dur) & Evan had t' do his homework. He`s readin' Harry Potter & th' Order o' th' Phoenix in AR, so I turned off th' TV & we both read (I be readin' Blaze by RichardStephen BachmanKing).

MD - That`s so sweet.
Me - What?
MD - That ye guys be havin' readin' time together.
Me - TODAY we be havin' readin' time together. He gets graded on readin' books & I jus' got this here log so I might as well read while he`s silent.
MD - Oh.

That be all.

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