Thursday, August 02, 2007

Have I told you

That I make me sick?

Sometimes I do.

When I'm online.

And someone asks me how I am or where I've been because they haven't seen me in forever.

Then I start complaining about my back. Or my neck. Or my knees. Or whatever.

I've never liked people who always answer the question "How are you?" with their sob story OTW.

I feel like that's who I'm becoming.

And I hate it.


6 days before school starts.


The fuckers expect me to buy the boy 2 packs of crayons & a pack of crayons. Yes. It's on the list like that. Wait, let me copy the entire list. I will list in bold what I am going to buy:

#2 pencils (NO mechanical pencils)
Loose leaf paper
3 inch binder
4 pocket folders with brads
2 boxes of crayons
2 boxes of Kleenex
Hand Sanitizer
Cleaning Wipes

Pencils. That's it. He's going into sixth grade. I've been buying binders, crayons, folders & shit for 5 years. Usually the folders are 10 for $?? so we have plenty of folders. Same with the paper. I have packs upon packs of looseleaf paper.

The only thing he actually uses (or loses) are pencils.

I can't tell you how many packs of fucking crayons I've bought. And WHY does he need crayons in 6th grade? By the time I was taking Algebra, I didn't color anything with crayons. (They had some Algebra last year. 5th grade. Can you believe that shit? It's like now they're only teaching the kids what they need to know to pass the standardized tests. Sonofabitchcasswholefuckers.)

I bought extra binders last year. He totally demolished 2 of them. But the rest he still has. They always ask for all of this shit that they never use.

I refuse to buy paper towels, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes or any of the other shit that they pile up and let ANYONE IN THE SCHOOL WHO NEEDS IT USE IT.

I'm not buying school supplies for all of the kids in the 6th grade.

I remember once in 3rd grade I got a note saying that he needed more crayons. I went to the school. His crayons were barely used. So, obviously, I didn't buy any more fucking crayons.

School shopping was always my favorite part of the new school year. New clothes, new binders, etc. But I didn't go to primary school in the south. Anything my mother bought, I used. And I didn't share with the class at large.

That totally pisses me off.


My mother bought the boy some new sneakers this summer. Because she hated his black Reeboks. She doesn't think children should wear black. I wasn't allowed to wear black until my father died and I needed black for his funeral.

Anyway, she bought some WHITE size 7 sneakers. Which makes his huge feet look even bigger, LOL. He came home like "I TRIED to get her to buy black, but she wouldn't. So we had to go to all these shoe stores before she found some she liked."

I said "Well, she can keep your white sneakers clean. That's why I buy black, so we won't see all the dirt on them."

She's a freak.

Anyway, we're going out this weekend to get him some new school clothes even though the last thing he needs is more clothes. I just feel like he should have a new outfit for the first day. I always did...

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