Sunday, August 26, 2007

Crime & Punishment

I was watching Taboo on the National Geographic Channel.

I forget what the topic was on this show. (They have different ones, like Taboo: Delicacies or Taboo: Sexuality, etc.) But at the end of the show, they showed the judge in Texas who makes the criminals wear signs professing their crimes in the area where the crime was committed.

Ted Poe is the name of the judge. (If you wanted to know.)

I have no problem with this punishment.

Some people think it's extreme. Cruel. Whatever.

If someone drinks & drives and kills me or my family members, I feel no sympathy for them. I don't believe in capital punishment in this case. I think they should have to live the rest of their lives facing what they did.

They should HAVE to face the ridicule of society.

We make sex offenders register when they move into a neighborhood. (I think those incurable fucktards should be put to death. There is no rehabilitation for that shit.)

Why shouldn't Drunk Drivers have to be shamed in public?

Why shouldn't shoplifters have to wear a sign in front of the store from which they've stolen???

Fucking bleeding heart liberals. They and the criminals are the only ones who have a problem with this. Law abiding citizens probably feel that "punishment" is too lenient in a lot of cases anyway.

The recidivism rate for Judge Poe is 11%. For everyone else, it's 31%. It's obviously working.

We need more judges like him, IMO.

I could go on and on about this subject. But I won't.

Because I'm still feeling kind of good from watching ITAS with Hugh Laurie. He's so sexy! :-)

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