Sunday, May 06, 2007

Situation Sunday

Found a new Meme here.

1) You are standing on the edge of a cliff, you have 2 ropes you are hanging on to. On the other end of one rope is one child, and on the other rope is another. You know you can't pull both of them up, only one. What do you do? I would never be standing on the edge of a cliff.

But let's forget reality for a second and pretend that I'm actually able to pull one child up without falling over and killing all of us.

If one of the kids is mine, I'd pull him up first and he could help me pull the second child up. If he wasn't one of the kids, I'd pull the bigger child up and he/she could help me with the second child.

EVAN said: It depends, is one of them my brother or child or are they both someone I don't know? Which is the youngest? Which is the oldest? Am I by myself?

2) You are invited to dinner at a co-workers house. You get there and all is going good. The meal comes out and it is something you would never eat- Possum stew ,with a side of frog legs. How do you handle it?
It's a coworker, not a boss. There's no danger of offending her and getting repercussions at work. If I was invited to dinner, I'm assuming that we're actually friends too. I'd just tell her that I wasn't eating that & eat a PB&J sandwich.

EVAN said: I'd tell the person I can't eat that.

3) It is late at night and you are driving a hundred miles to get home. Your cell phone has no service. The road you are on is not one with lots of traffic. You break down 10 miles from home. Do you stay in your car, hoping someone will come by or walk, run the rest of the way home?
It doesn't matter what time of day/night my car breaks down. I'm not walking 10 miles. I'd put my hood up and hope a cop drove by. Plus, if I wasn't home in a reasonable amount of time, someone would come looking for me. Because I'm special, LMAO!

EVAN said: Walk the rest of the way home.

4) A friend asks you something that is totally against your principles. You do not want to hurt their feelings. How do you handle it? I'd go ahead and hurt their feelings by speechifying about why the request is fucked up and how they know me so they shouldn't have asked me something like that in the first place because they would know I was unlikely do to it. Then I'd re-evaluate my friendship with said friend. Would a true friend ask me to do something to which I was morally/ethically opposed? NO.

EVAN said: Tell them I can't do it. I'm sure they'll understand. If they don't, that sucks for them!

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