Saturday, March 03, 2007

Free Fries

Yesterday, The Boy and I went to the McDonald's Drive thru. I had ordered 2 McChickens for him and a Big Mac for myself.

EVERYBODY was there (remind me never to go out on a Friday again, I had to drive around for 10 minutes before I found a handicapped space at Wal-Mart) so the line took forever.

I paid in quarters, LOL. All I had in the car was my laundry money. Anyway, when I pulled up to the window there was a cute college boy. I turned my music down. He said "You don't have to turn it down, I like music." (I didn't turn it back up). So I was sitting there waiting for the 3 cars in front of me to move and he said "I know this is 4.63 (or whatever the amount was) I'm just separating the coins, you don't have to wait."

I pointed to the line in front of me.

He said "You must have been doing laundry. I know all about quarters. I need them to do my laundry. IF I have them. I'm just a college student."

Me - I remember those days. Quarters and Ramen noodles, LOL.
He - Yeeeeeeeeeeeess (In that long, drawn out southern way) I know all about Ramen (pronounced RAYmen) noodles. But I have a roommate so I don't always have to eat Ramen noodles.
Evan - So is that what I have to look forward to in college? Ramen (pronounced RAHmen) noodles?
Me - Yes.

So the line moved up 3 inches and I followed.

Then I turned my music back up.

McD Guy - Oh, see I like that song!
Me - *turning music down* What?
He - I like that song! Justin Timberlake?
Me - Oh! Yeah. *smile while I turn the music back up*

I think he waited on me once before. I was playing Ray Charles at the time and he asked me who it was because he liked the song. I still remember that it was "Maryann" from the "Ray" soundtrack.

ENNYWAY, they were taking forever and a day at the second window.

Finally this very brash black lady opened the window and said "That was 2 McChickens, A big mac and a small fry, right?"

Me - I didn't order any fries, but you can put some in the bag if you want to.

She went away for a couple of minutes.

She - Do you want ketchup?
Me - No, thank you
She - I put some fries in there!
Me - *smiling* Thank you! Have a good day!

I love black people, LOL.

I could tell the sistah had HAD it with Mickey D's that day. She didn't give a shit, so she hooked me up. (For you white people, here's a secret about black people: We often 'hook each other up' at a drive through. Like giving more pieces of chicken than ordered at KFC, or giving a large shake when a small one was ordered. I don't know if white people do that...)

Anyway, I was happy about my free fries. I was going to stop at Sonic and get my fries because I like their fries bestest of all, but now I didn't have to! That made me happy too.

Then I got home.

They were the oldest, hardest, most salty fries EVER. I would have called McDonald's back and cussed them out had I paid for them. They were effed up.

But I didn't pay for them.

The lesson here: You get what you pay for.

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