Saturday, February 10, 2007

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I made a paperclip.


I'm sure that sounds strange.

Anyway, I was making another scrapbook set and I didn't want to use other people's paperclips, I wanted to make my own. There are too many reasons to go into.

So I started looking for a Preset Shape that looked like a paperclip. Preset shapes are things that you can use to make a circle or whatever but you can put it in your colors or patterns right from the start.

There were none.

So I had to make my own.

So I did. I made a perfect paperclip. But I had saved it in the wrong format. :-( So I couldn't save it as a preset shape.

Then I had to read HOW TO MAKE CUSTOM PRESET SHAPES online. Found out that I had to use Vector shapes, not Raster shapes. I hate vector shapes, LOL.

But anyway, I first made the paperclip with 3000 vector lines. I saved it as a preset.

Then I loaded it and used it.

OMG! I hadn't realized that the preset shape tool would show every line I made. It was ugly, LOL. I mean, in the end it still looked like a paperclip (or as close as I could get...) but I was not satisfied with all the different vector layers.

Then I got the bright idea to make a paperclip out of letters.

Did you know a paperclip is basically U, J, and I? Well it is.

So I made the paperclip out of those shapes. I got it as smooth as I could.

The problem with vector layers is that you can't delete/erase just a part of it. If you try, it deletes the whole vector. That's why I hate vector layers.

Raster layers you can delete a pixel or 99% of the thing. It's more freedom.

But anyway, I got as close to a paperclip as I could. When I use it, I will turn it into a raster layer and smooth it out. But this is close enough for government work!


I didn't even realize I've been doing this shit for 3 hours, LOL.

I'm proud of my ugly paperclip!

I AM the shit!

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