Friday, February 23, 2007


I can't believe I got MORE sleep!

I slept until 3am this morning and then after Evan left for school I slept again until 11 am.


So I decided to try to change the appearance of my blog again. I couldn't decide what I wanted.

After I finally decided and was in the process of uploading all the crap, Evan decides to call his Nana.

She had said on Tuesday (or whenever) that she didn't want to see us for at least a week because she didn't want to get strep throat.


BUT when Evan called her she decided she needed an Al Green fix from youtube.


It really pissed me off, LOL. I HATE when I'm in the process of doing something and I have to stop.

So I went ahead and put the browser on youtube and went to wash dishes.

15 minutes and she still wasn't here.

So I sat back down at the computer and started messing with the template.

Then she shows up.

So I made Evan finish washing the dishes and I started watching "Kingdom Hospital".

Whenever my mother comes over here, she talks WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too loud because she forgets she has the headphones on and we can fucking hear her without her shouting.

Also, she says stuff that I don't care about, like "You should see what Al is wearing in this video." and "Oh no! This was only 36 seconds long."

I'm hard of hearing (too many years of listening to my music at full volume) AND I HATE when people talk while I'm trying to watch TV. I have to rewind it every time anyone says something because I can't hear with too much background noise. I can't hear the person speaking or the TV clearly.

She had the nerve to ask me "Why do you have the tv so loud?"
I said "So I can hear it over your 'singing' and whispered conversations with Evan!"

Then she pulled out her old standby line "Are you pmssing?"


Evan asked if he could spend the night. She said yes. I said "FINE! THEN LEAVE!!"


While Evan was upstairs packing his bag she asked me some convoluted question about youtube. So I started getting up.

She - NO! Don't get up! It's not important!
Me - I just want to understand what you're asking me
She *groaning and holding her head* But you're in a bad mood.

So I answered her question and sat back down.

Anyway, she and Evan continued to make it impossible for me to watch any geedee tv.

I was so happy when they left, LOL.

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