Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My favorite songs seem to change week to week.

Last week I was all about "Tell Me" by Diddy & "Fergalicious" by...Fergie. But this week I like different songs.

So, since I never really have anything to say I thought I'd track my musical tastes. At least that gives me something to blog about...

Rudebox by Robbie Williams

Remember him? I know he had some song in the 90s that I liked. But I haven't heard from him since...

Baby Making Hips by Fantasia Barrino

She is soooooooo ghetto! LMAO. They didn't have the video for baby making hips yet, but just watch "Hood Boy" and you'll see what a hoochie she is! She was my favorite on her season of Amerian Idol. But on AI you can't really tell what kind of music the person is going to make afterwards. Whatever. I usually like music for the beat, not the message.

Tell me when to go
by E40

I was browsing at MTV.com this weekend (I hardly watch MTV anymore. I think I'm too old for it...) and I looked at what were the best songs of 2006 by genre. I'd never heard this before. He sounds like Ice Cube with a loogie in his throat and he's trying to swallow it while he raps. But anyway, I can play this LOUD in my car and FEEL the bass thumping. I love it. (Yes I realize this song is a year old but I live in the boondocks. We get country or classic rock and if I don't watch MTV, how can I know what's current???)

Ridin Dirty by Chamillionaire (or whatever)

I'd never heard this song before. I'd only heard "White & nerdy" by Wierd Al. After hearing this, I've decided that Wierd Al deserves a grammy for his version because he did SUCH a good job. But anyway, "Ridin Dirty" is another song I can listen to LOUD in the car.

That is all. I reckon

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