Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First day of school!

So this morning as I was watching Evan get ready for school (and trying to remind him to take his key, lunch money, all of that) and he told me to look at the shirt he's wearing.

It says "I hear voices in my head and some of them don't like you."

He said "Tomorrow I'm wearing the 'Proctastinators Unite Tomorrow' one. And then Friday I'm wearing 'Stop looking at my shirt'."

I said "That's funny! I mean the order in which you're wearing them."

I don't think he'd thought about that.

He said "I was wondering if I should wear procrastinators today, but I like this one better."

I said "Well, I just think it's funny that you're wearing one liners for 2 days and then on Friday telling everybody to stop looking at your shirt."

But what 10 year old boy plans his wardrobe in advance?

Sometimes I worry that being a single mother will turn my boy metrosexual. There's no real male influence.


I will love my metrosexual son anyway, LOL.

But I hope he doesn't grow up to be one of the mani-pedi metros...

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