Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yeah boyeeeeee, had some caffeine!

Feeling Caffeinated


yped the EFF up! Good thing I had a nap today. :-)

Click to enlargify the images. :-)
Angelika's Tweets 1-11-11

Today's Soundtrack 1-11-11

My new word of the day "Enlargify". Inspired by Early Cuyler Feel free to use it. :-)

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  1. I like your cap, but you are right about not being able to see the colors very vividly. Take a picture with a real camera sometime and post it. Too much work to make something like that, though. Girly stuff. Oh, wait. You are a girl.

    So happy new year. You survived the holidays, I see. Maybe I will read some of your back posts - I'm sure you told how it was. :)

  2. @Relax Max Here's a better picture of the hat I wore in the video. :-)

  3. It's a better representation of the color. You really did that? You are very, um, surprising sometimes. but nice work. Thanks. ;)

  4. @Relax Max Yes I really did that! Dude, I'm multi-talented. I wasn't lying when I said I'm a genius. I'm just lazy, LOL.


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