Monday, September 29, 2008

I believe I'll have to take this again.

Because this first results is NOT me at all!

You Are Bubble Tea

You are playful, sweet, and light hearted. No, NO, ok? You almost always have a smile on your face. HA! Almost never in public.

You don't take life all that seriously, and you're always up for some laughs.

You are very modern. You are up on the latest food, fashion, and entertainment trends. I'm ain't! No, No, No!

You are open minded and open to new experiences. Finding new things to love is a minor obsession of yours. Ok, I can accept that.

Now this is more me, but I wouldn't describe myself as delicate even though I tell Evan that I am a delicate flower, LOL

You Are White Tea

You are quite delicate and very sensitive. You are easily overwhelmed.
No I'm not, not I'm not. Not at all!
Peace and serenity are important to you. You shy away from intensity of any sort. Yes, they are. No I don't. Everyone needs a little intensity to make sure they're still alive!

You appreciate a simple quiet moment. You can relax easily without feeling bored. Yes, I agree.

You take the time to enjoy life. Even when things are busy, you make the time. All I have is time, man.

Anyway, this is why they're labeled STUPID blog quizzes.

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