Wednesday, April 02, 2008


So last night I decided to forgo the Xanax & the sleeping pill.

Got to sleep at about 3 am.

Next thing I know it's 10:30 am & Mommy Dearest is banging on my back door.

So I got up and answered.

MD - What are you going to do about your car?
Me - *standing up & looking unsteady/drunk* I found a website that tells how to take off a car battery so I'm going to take it off myself, you can go to Wal-mart & get me a new one & then I'll put the new one on myself. I don't have any cash. Can I borrow $70 because Wal-mart said it was $68.70 + tax and I'll pay you back tomorrow.
MD - What? Sit down! You look like you're going to fall & it's making me nervous.
Me - I'll sit down & tell you when I get back from the bathroom.

So I went to the bathroom & washed up really quick, brushed my teeth & got dressed. I came back downstairs & explained the plan again.

MD - Well I called your brother and he's going to come over on his lunch break & get your battery, get a new one & put it on for you.

Why the fuck did she ask me what I was going to do if she already knew my brother (henceforth known as Bro) was coming over?!?!?


Bro came over at noon fifteen & took my battery off. (After I sent my niece around to all the neighbors to get a socket wrench because Bro didn't bring any tools.) Went to Wal-mart & got a new one. Came back & the posts were on the bottom of the battery instead of the top, so the positive side wouldn't reach.

Me - Which one is the negative side?
Bro - This one, that one has the red wire so it's positive. I know what I'm doing! Do you want to do this yourself? Shit.
Me - I was just asking, damn. One day I might need to do this myself so I'm trying to learn.
Bro - *sarcastic laugh* (We are 2 peas in a pod, I tell you, LOL.)

So he said he'd go back to Wal-mart & get the correct battery & come back after work.

I asked MD to take me to Wal-mart because I needed to get Evan some food for after school. But really I wanted to buy a socket set so that I could put the geedee battery on myself & not have to wait for Bro to get off of work & hook it up.

So MD & I went to Wal-mart. I got the socket set, some food (Did you know that they have chocolate skittles??? I didn't either. But I didn't see my favorite pomegranate candy so I needed something to munch on.) & Stephen King's "The Mist" on DVD.

Came back & put the effing battery on myself.

Went to school & picked up Evan.

Drove to my brother's job & went in to tell him "I put the battery on myself so you don't have to come back tonight. Now what do you have to say about that Nyucka???"

He laughed.

I was telling Evan everything that had happened today & how he didn't understand how happy I was to have my car back in driveable condition.

Evan - Ok. I need you to take a breath now.
Me - LMAO! Am I talking a lot?
Evan - Yes. I'm afraid you're going to pass out if you don't breathe.
Me - Well, that's how you are when you get back from school. Talking so fast that it's a wonder how you can take a breath.

I also had some coffee today. I don't normally have caffeine.

So I'm HYPED UP & happy.

Watch. Tomorrow when I have to go to the Dr, pay my electricity bill, buy some hair (for my braids) & other stuff I'm not going to want to go anywhere, LOL.

I'm going to rub some Ben Gay on my back & take some Tylenol.

Ciaocito, Baybeeeeeeeeee!

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