Thursday, April 30, 2009

Evan texts me from the playground


can open the door and see him.

He can walk up here in 30 seconds and tell me whatever it is.

I'm going to have to repossess his phone.

I got my Theraflu!


ere are a couple of videos.

I don't care that my hair looks effed up. I'm sick. Bite me.

I have to go out today

The Common Cold


ecause this morning, after Evan left for school, I used a sample of Theraflu that I'd gotten. (I am the Sample Queen, you know).

Instead of just sneezing and having my stuffed nostril running (like what happened when I just took allergy pills), my sinuses are clear and I have a productive cough.

If you need details on what that means, ask me in the comments, LOL.

I don't want to gross anyone out.

So I'm going to Wal-Mart to get some more Theraflu. It tastes nasty, but I feel much better 5 hours later.

So I'm going to drug myself to death with Theraflu.

No, I don't have a fever. My temperature is usually 97.6 and it has been 97.7. I'm not even normal yet, LOL.

Off to Wal-Mart I go.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009



s my new phrase, because I say OMG more than a 12 year old girl.

It means Oh My Lord, Y'all. (The "y'all" is said the same way Britney Spears says it.)


My nose is simultaneously stuffed and running.

The Boy was coughing this morning.

I think we have a combination of allergies and the common cold.

So much for washing the shit out of our hands...

And, just so you know, if you google images of sick thinking "I have a cold, I want a picture that expresses that." you will get more interpretations of "sick" than you bargained for.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'd rather have a Bully Beatdown than a conversation...

You have the opportunity to talk 5 minutes worth of sense into a wayward celebrity. Who do you choose?

*Who's the celeb?
Britney Spears
Chris Brown
Paris Hilton
Tom Cruise
Amy Winehouse

None of the above.

I'm sure many people have tried to talk some sense into those people, and they haven't listened yet.

I would like to get a pro MMA fighter to talk 5 minutes worth of "Beatdown" to Chris Brown.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

Flu virus


o I told Evan last night that before he goes to school, I want him to take Vitamin C and Zinc. To wash his hands if he touches anyone/anything and try to stay away from sick people.

Him - Why this random mention about vitamins?
Me - Because 80 people in Mexico have died from this new flu and people in America and Canada have gotten it. America declared a state of emergency (or something) over the flu.
Him - Do I have to go to school?


Me - I'm sure they'll cancel school if anyone close to our area gets sick, but until then, you'll be going to school.

Schools are petri dishes. If he gets sick, he'll bring it home to me.

Sphere DVD CoverAnyway, Saturday nightmorning (3 to 5 am) after watching "Sphere", I had a dream that Evan and I had lice the size of tic-tacs. Totally illogical, but that's what dreams are.

Evan had a dream that he had a blonde baby brother who didn't talk or cry, just smiled.

Me - That will never happen.

That is all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cornbread Festival 2009

Cornbread Festival

Click the banner to go to the National Cornbread Festival Website


hursday morning, Mommy Dearest came to my house.

MD - Listen...

No good conversation with her ever starts with "Listen".

She - Listen, we need to take Evan to the Cornbread Festival
Me - I ---
She - I don't want to go either. My ankle is hurting and my eyes and my chest.
Me - I've been vomiting and sweating since yesterday!
She - We didn't go last year
Me - He probably doesn't even know anything about it
She - Those kids at school are talking about it, and tonight is buddy night so 2 people ride for the price of one.
Me - JKLF*)(#*$JKLFJS*)($ER
She - If it is raining by 5, we won't go
Me - So I'll pray for rain.

Luckily, it was raining on South Pittsburg by 5 pm, so we didn't have to go.

Friday Evan comes home and says:

E - Guess what today is.
Me - Friday
E - Guess what today and tomorrow and Sunday is
Me - The weekend.
E - The Cornbread Festival
Me - Oh.

So my mother calls me @ 4pm and says we're going at 6 pm.




We went. I rode the Ferris Wheel. Evan rode different stuff. I got my Funnel Cake ($5!!!!), MD & Evan shared a Chicken on a Stick & a Funnel Cake and we left. Here are the pictures I took.

Cornbread Festival Fireball
Evan is in that Fireball Ride in the very back. Of course, I don't remember which is front or back, but I tried to take a picture of him. Look for a red shirt, LOL.
Top of the ferris Wheel

I took this picture at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

Top of the Ferris Wheel 2

This one too. :-)

Strawberry Funnel Cake

This is the only good reason to go to the Cornbread Festival when I don't even eat cornbread! Funnel Cake. Yummy.

Ferris Wheel at night

That is all. Now I don't have to go to a crowded effing place with rocks on the ground making it hard to get my walker over them (parents were carrying their strollers) for another freaking year!

Friday, April 24, 2009

High Five Friday - 4/24/09

High Five


ere are this week's High Fives in no particular order.

Aria's Ink for LMFAO Friday #8

Beeker's Words for You will say WOW every time

Escape Hatch for PMS Blogging

Comedy Plus for Divorce vs Murder

Intelligence is a curseIntelligence is a curse for Eating Upencils

Posh Totty for Who's the boss?

Cardiogirl for How not to tell your kids about the birds and the bees

Amy Oops for Duh

To Czech and Back for Save Chuck! Send NBC some nerds.

The Snarky ViewThe Snarky View for The Human Body

I do things... for I married a robot so you don't have to

Funny Blog for Most Naughtiest Picture

And finally, the blog Bent Objects. I've said it before, I admire people with that kind of creativity. I just can't imagine looking at a matchbook and deciding to make it into a bug just by bending it a little...

Well, that's not happening to me...


s I was checking Twitter, I noticed that Kathy from the Junk Drawer had tweeted about Entrecard scamming members.

So I went to check out the article.

The author said (among other things) that he is no longer receiving the 25 credits for blog posts every 3 days.
Entrecard Credit for posts

As you can see, I am. Surely I'm not the only one.

The author also said that you don't get credits for dropping on blogs with paid advertisements.

That is possible, but today I dropped, according to EC, 251 cards. I know there were some blanked out cards on some of the blogs that I visited. One of the Entrecard Moderators (or whatever) said that the ads were probably black from my Adblock plugin.

My Entrecard Drops
I KNOW I didn't drop 300 cards today (yesterday), I dropped on the cards in my inbox twice (which is about 50 cards each time) and then I dropped on my favorite EC Blogs.

Then I got credit for every time a card was dropped on me.
Entrecard Received Drops

So...what am I not getting credit for?

If the problem is paid ads, reject them. I have rejected about 50 of them, and I haven't received any penalties or experienced any problems. If you want to get credit for drops on your blog, don't accept paid ads.

I'm not saying that you don't get credit for dropping on blogs with paid ads, but since I didn't actually count the blogs on which I dropped, I have no idea.

People are dropping out of Entrecard like it's a crack house about to be raided by the Popo.

Fine, that's your prerogative.

But don't write articles falsely accusing them of doing something that they clearly are not doing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you Relax Max!!!!!!!!!!!!



Guess what I got in the mail today?

You're a pervert, no.

I got my Steampunk Ring that Relax Max won and gave to me!!!!!!!!!!


Purple Swarovski Steampunk Ring

It's silver with a purple crystal. I love it! Luckily, I painted my nails last night so I could take pictures with my sucky webcam.

Isn't it purty?!?!?

Steampunk Ring on my hand

You should definitely go to the CatherinetteRings Etsy shop so you can get a better view than I can give you. The picture there is of a blue stone, but my ring looks the same other than that.

Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures I took. :-)

Steampunk Ring Side AngleSteampunk Ring Held UpPurple Swarovski Steampunk Ring

When I finish paying MD back for my Root Canal & stuff, I'm going to get some more! You should go get some too! This particular ring was only $45 (if you had to pay, LMAO) and I'm sure no one else in my town has a ring like it!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

UPDATE: Ok, here's a better picture from my camera phone.

Catherinette Purple Swarovski Ring

Thanks, Cardiogirl!

Cardiogirl Logo


o feet in this post, I promise. :-)


Now that I said that, I really want to post some feet here...

Anyway, while I was reading your blog today I saw your related posts widget from LinkedWithin and I liked it better than the one I installed days ago, so now I have one that shows pictures of related posts!

Maybe my bounce rate will go down.

We shall see!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing important to say


irst, I've been finding a lot of funny and/or interesting post for this week's High Fives list. I don't usually find so many in one day.

Now playing: Fantasia - Baby Makin' Hips

Maybe I'm just in a good mood?

I fell asleep so early last night that I didn't see Real Housewives of NY or Deadliest Catch or anything. I think I fell asleep during Fringe. I'm usually lucky if I get to sleep before Craig Ferguson comes on.

Of course, I spent all of today asleep, after waking up at 5 am.

Kelly BensimonI did watch RHoNY today, though.

Kelly was already my least favorite after she told Bethenny that she was "down here" while she (Kelly) was "up here". Last night she showed up 2 hours late for her own party??? But the Duchess or Countess or whatever the eff she is, is just appearing more and more ridiculous to me. First she tells some chubby girl at the Boys & Girls Club (or whatever) that she has plenty of time to lose weight if she wants to be a model. Then she goes OFF on Ramona for saying that her husband is twice her age. That's not even the bad part. She kept leaving the room and coming back to tell her off some more. This from the woman writing a book on "class".


Now playing: Will Smith - Switch

Stephen FryAnyway, Stephen Fry is my favorite celebrity Twitterer. He Tweets every day. He even does some audio Tweets. They're called "Boos" I think? He always sounds so happy. Apparently, he even answers the people who respond to his Tweets. But I luff him, so he can do no wrong. :-)

I knew, from reading his blog, that he was quite Tech Savvy, but I think he's the only celebrity I've seen that actually seems to "connect" with his fans.

In case you were wondering, I am also following Sherri Shepherd (who tweets A LOT), Borat, Tina Fey, Ellen Degeneres, Tyler Perry, Kathy Griffin and Katt Williams. Tina is always funny. I don't think I've heard anything from Tyler Perry, which is shocking since he e-mails 12 page e-mails semi-regularly. Katt is the same on Twitter as he is in his act. All of his Tweets contain "ni&&a" or "playa", LOL.

Now playing: Adele - Chasing Pavements

I forgot what I was going to say. Maybe I'll remember when I get back from "the powder room"...


I'm back.

And I don't remember.


Now playing: Rhianna - Rehab

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



stole this from Evan.

Now playing: Swizz Beats - It's Me Snitches


What is your salad dressing of choice?

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
I don't care. Wherever I can get a good steak.

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it?
Hot Wings

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
Bacon, beef, cheddar cheese

What do you like to put on your toast?
Sometimes Red Plum Jam, sometimes apple butter


How many television sets are there in your house?

3. 2 of them actually work

What color of cell phone do you have?


Are you right-handed or left-handed?
I write with my left hand, but I do most other things with my right hand. Like throw a ball.

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
Um...I usually leave the heavy lifting for The Boy. :-)

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
Uh, no.


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
No. I'd rather be surprised!

If you could change your name, what would you change it to:
Anjelica, because that's what everyone ends up calling me, LOL.

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
If it was Texas Pete and I had some ipecac (to throw it right back up) and antacid. I wouldn't want it coming out the other end...


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?

Have you ever run-in with the cops?
No. I am a model citizen.

Last person you talked to?

Last person you hugged?



All the days are the same to me, including holidays.

Day of the week?
Monday. :-)

Any winter month.

Missing someone?

What are you listening to?
Now playing: Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

Ellen is on. I'm not actually watching it.

Worrying about?
My effing headache that won't go away and possibly ODing on ibuprofen &/or acetimetaphine


First place you went this morning?
The bathroom. Who doesn't do that?

What’s the last movie you saw?
I am Legend

Do you smile a lot?
Probably not as much as the average person. I don't want wrinkles. ;-)


Do you always answer your phone?
No, that's what voice mail is for.

It’s four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
Probably a wrong # telling me to pick up "Susie"

If you could change your eye color what would it be?

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
I don't add flavors.

Do you own a digital camera?
Now playing: DMX - Party Up In Here

Have you ever had a pet fish?

7) Favorite Christmas song?
I don't know the title. The one by Nat King Cole "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose..."

What’s on your wish list for your birthday?
A winning lottery ticket. (Even though I don't play...)

Can you do push ups?

Can you do a chin up?

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
Nervous. I don't think about it all that much, but I worry about Evan and I worry about my disease advancing to the point where I can't take care of myself anymore.

Do you have any saved texts?

Ever been in a car wreck?
Yes. I was in the turning lane, and some dude decided he needed to be exactly where I was. But never a bad wreck, thank God.

Now playing: Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Do you have an accent?
Not really. But sometimes I say some words with a Southern accent. After 20 years it's finally rubbing off on me.

What is the last song to make you cry?
I don't know the name of it, some effing Seal song that my mother was playing in the car. But then I was crying all day that day, LOL.

Plans tonight?
I don't know, what is today? *rolling eyes*

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
Yes. And then I found out that I could actually go lower. God has such a great sense of humor...

Name 3 things you bought in the last week
Grapefruit, bread, yogurt

Have you ever been given roses?
Yes. I don't like roses. I prefer books or balloons.

Current worry?
What type of man Evan will be.

Now playing: The O'Jays - For the Love of Money

Current hate right now?

Met someone who changed your life?
The Boy's sperm donor.

How did you bring in the New Year!
How the EFF should I know? That was, like, months ago and stuff!

What song represents you?
If you don't know me by now by Simply Red ??? I don't know. I just pulled that out of my arse.

Name three people who might complete this?
You can't make me.

What were you doing at 12 AM last night?
Changing Evan's blog template. It irritated me that he would NOT listen to me when I told him that it was too hard to read. I told him "If someone comments that they can't read your blog, you need to change something."

So I changed it myself. He doesn't know yet. Little Fartknocker. I won't change it back, either!

Now playing: Christina Aguilera - Candyman

What are you going to do right now?
Take some more pills for my effing headache.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Music Monday - 4-20-09

A red wine

I've had a little bit too much
All of the people start to rush.
Start to rush by.
A dizzy twister dance
Can't find my drink or man.
Where are my keys, I lost my phone.
What's going on on the floor?
I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore.
Keep it cool what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, alright.

Just dance. Gonna be okay.
Just dance. Spin that record babe.
Just dance. Gonna be okay.
Dance. Dance. Dance. Just dance.

Wish I could shut my playboy mouth.
How'd I turn my shirt inside out? Inside out, right.
Control your poison babe
Roses have thorns they say.
And we're all gettin' hosed tonight.
What's going on on the floor?
I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore.
Keep it cool what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, alright.


[Colby O'Donis]
When I come through on the dance floor checking out that catalogue.
Can't believe my eyes so many women without a flaw.

And I ain't gonna' give it up, steady tryna pick it up like a call
I'm gonna hit it, I'm gonna hit it and flex and do it until tomorrow, yeah
Shorty i can see that you got so much energy
The way you twirling up them hips round and round
There's no reason at all why you can't leave here with me
In the meantime stay, let me watch you break it down.


Half Psychotic, Sick hypnotic got my blueprint its symphonic.
Half Psychotic, sick hypnotic got my blueprint electronic.
Half Psychotic, Sick hypnotic got my blueprint its symphonic.
Half Psychotic, sick hypnotic got my blueprint electronic.

Go. Use your muscle, carve it out, work it, hustle
I got it, just stay close enough to get it
Don't slow! Drive it, clean it lysol, bleed it
Spend the last dough
(I got it)
In your Pocko
(I got it)


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stupid Blog Quizzes - 4/19/09

You Are Dusk

You are a naturally idealistic and creative person. You look forward to nights where everything is possible.

You spend most of your energy on play. Work is okay, but the true you emerges after the work day is done.

You're an offbeat type that doesn't like rules or schedules. Life's too short to waste at a desk in a cube.

Whether you spend your night socializing or working on side projects, you like that your time is yours.

Your Soap Opera Name is Felicia Celeste Quartermaine

The Second

Now playing: Stray Cats - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

You Want to Impress Strangers

You want strangers to think you're attractive. You want to be seen as gorgeous and sexy.

You want your friends and family members to think you're smart. You like been seen as insightful and wise.

You are at your most playful when you are around family and friends. You are more serious around people you don't know well.

You are reserved and distant with strangers. You don't let people you don't know well in.

You don't become close to many people. You only let people you've gotten to know very well in.

Now that was an interesting quiz! Very insightful.

Now playing: Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

Your Supervillain Name is Black Skull


You Are a Lynx

You are a quiet observer of the world around you. Your wisdom comes from listening carefully.

You've always been extra sensitive and aware. And it's made it difficult for you to fit in.

You see past people's outward personas. You are able to penetrate a stranger's soul.

What you've learned about people is both beautiful and ugly. And you keep these secrets to yourself.

Now playing: J Geils Band - Freeze Frame

You Are Ceramics

You are open to the world and it's possibilities. You are able to start something without knowing how it will end.

You trust your intuition above everything else. Going with your gut often works out.

You believe that every day objects can and should be art.

The best art allows ordinary life to be more stylish and beautiful.

You Think Concretely

Your brain works best when you are able to see or visualize what you're thinking about.

You have an both an eye for detail and for the big picture. You study things carefully.

You are in tune with all of your senses, and you think better with a clean workspace.

You are open to all sorts of input. You are a free thinker who lives in the now.

I didn't even know how to answer these questions...
Now playing: Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls

There's a Chance You Could Be Violent

Overall, you're a pretty chill person - and you have a good handle on your emotions.

Sometimes your anger gets the best of you, and end up regretting how you act.

Try to curb your temper more often. It only has to get out of control once to do some damage.

Um, not really. Even when I'm pissed off, I'm usually in control of what I'm saying or doing. I think a lot of stuff, I just don't say it all. When I do say it, I don't remember regretting it. Unless I regretted not having said it sooner.

In 2893 Your Name Would Be: Aki Pant

And You Would Be: A High Priestess / Priest

Now playing: Deelite - Groove Is In The Heart

Your Hillbilly Name Is: Molly Sue Tucker

Ain'tcha got one better'n that un

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